Gundrill, end view

Gun Drilling makes accurate deep holes, with a finish comparable to reaming, in a single operation.

It can handle hard and difficult materials such as stainless and tool steels, or Inconel.

Suitable for hollow shafts, manifolds, thermowells, spool valves, gear and machine blanks, camshafts, valve guides, cylinders, oil ways and heating or cooling holes, return oil holes in hydraulic cylinder walls, as well as production quantities of accurate short holes.

EFM have capacity available on their Pratt and Whitney Deep Hole Drill, for centreline gun drilling of round bar, or offset holes in any shaped material up to 100 mm from a parallel face. Holes can be drilled from 3 mm to 38.1 mm diameter, up to 810 mm deep in production, or up to 2.2 metres for specials.

The following sizes of drill are available in stock:
38.1 mm
27.3 mm
25 mm
19 mm
16 mm (up to 2600 mm. long)
15.6 mm (short)
14.0 mm.
12.45 mm
12.33 mm
12.2 mm
12.1 mm
11.2 mm (short)
9.8 mm
8.636 mm
7.937 mm
7.3 mm
7 mm
6 mm
5.525 mm
5 mm
4 mm (to 375 mm)
3 mm ( to 300 mm.)

A wide range of materials, including stainless and exotics can be drilled to gun drill tolerances on roundness and diameter ( 2 to 5 um), straightness, runout (.2 to .5mm per metre) and surface roughness ( 3.2 to 0.2 um). For non stock diameters, there is a setup charge to cover the cost of drills and bushes. Round bar and non circular pieces can be drilled between centres, with the work stationary or rotated.

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