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A horn sounding in the cockpit alerts the pilot, and the passengers, that something is wrong. It doesn't tell him what. If there is time, and he knows the flight manual, the pilot can search the panel and work it out. Then he can take corrective action. Similarly, a gauge reading or panel light tells him what is wrong, but only when he reads it.
EFM have introduced a Cockpit Voice Alarm to give an aircraft a human voice to alert the pilot to, and immediately identify, alarm conditions. It supplements existing horn or panel light warnings for landing gear not extended on approach, approaching stall, bus voltage low, and fuel level low. Announcement comes through both the speaker and headset, and is turned off only by pulling its circuit breaker. On twins, the gear announcement also serves as an effective warning that airspeed is below blue line.
(Installation Data available for BE76 BEECH A36 BEECH F33A CESSNA 210N,M,G CESSNA P201N CESSNA 402 CESSNA R182 M20C-K,L AM20L NORTH AMERICAN AT6 PA-23-250 PA-28R PA-31-350 PA-34-200T PA-34-220T PA-39 PA-44 GLASAIR 2 RG.)

A model with a single voice warning for LOSS OF CABIN PRESSURE is now available. Currently Approved in Australian registered Beech 200 as Supplementary Warning.
(Installation Data also available for FAIRCHILD SA227 and CESSNA 550. We will prepare Approved data for other types as requested.)

To see it working, click below. (To get a better idea of how it sounds in the air, turn the volume up all the way and play it again.
RWY 75
Pity the final checklist was interrupted !

Did I change tanks ?
Look how slow I can fly !
Never had any problem with electrics !

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